Internet is going super visual – look at what’s happening with Instagram, Tumblr, VSCO and the other picture-focused social networks. People are quite overloaded with information and look for the quick way to get new data – the visuals. This is going to be a trend in the following decade, so you need to be prepared to add high quality images to your online presence.

If you have a blog and spend significant amount of time in search of appropriate images for your articles, the following ideas may be in use. Here are 6 suggestions for getting free images that match your blog post’s content.

1. Follow free image websites

There’s already tons of websites that give away high quality photos. However, some of them are quite popular (like Unsplash) and there’s this risk to see the same pic on other websites and blogs. However, you can always edit them a bit, so they don’t look the same (add a colour filter, flip them when possible, crop details etc.)

2. Draw it yourself

This could be helpful in case you have someone with good drawing skills around. Or it is you who can do it? Perfect! If you haven’t considered it yet, this is a good option – you will improve your drawing skills and will have a unique image for your writings. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube, so it might be a nice new challenge.

3. Take a picture


Nowadays it is much easier to take a good looking photo yourself – if you just have a smartphone, you can create something really nice. You just need to learn some basic rules (e.g. check out this guide) and then experiment. Consider applying nice filters from VSCO or Instagram. If you are a bit more curious, try these great ideas for editing on Photoshop.

4. Write down/sketch and then make a quick photo


If you your school notebooks were full of sketches, then this is a skill you will put in use now. If you have an article that explains some steps, why not drawing them on paper and then take a picture? This could look exciting (and trendy, btw).

5. Create collages

Creating a collage is quite easy – just get some pictures and put them together on Photoshop or a free online collage builder. This way might be useful for building a step-by-step guide or to showcase several products from a line etc. There’s plenty of such mobile apps as well (like PhotoCollage etc.)

6. Find your long-term source

If you do not use picture with commercial purposes, you may also use plenty of images, published under different rights. For example, you can browse on Flickr and search for Creative Commons pics (you can use them, but to add the author and link to their profile). Discover those photographers who take pictures of objects that are suitable for your content; then follow them and even build a relationship with them.

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