It all starts with Denial, then goes through Anger, Bargaining, Depression and ends up with Acceptance. No, we’re not talking about one’s relationship end. We’re talking about starting a new one.

Hiring a consultant is unknown territory for many managers. Due to number of reasons, many of them avoid using some external help to manage their online marketing. It is hard to start such a new relationship, especially when you think it might be useless or jeopardize your baby – your business.

Actually, it could be a good thing. Changes often lead to new horizons and make you more experienced. Let’s look at the challenge from the perspective of Kübler-Ross model, which refers to the worst situations in life. Then you will see that it is not that bad at all:

1. Denial

No, I do not need this at all!

First, think why would you look at it that way. Are you really sure you do everything that is needed for your business? Does your product have an accurate online presence? Are your competitors doing better? Have you checked?

There is plenty of questions you need to ask yourself. It is very likely that you haven’t thought about it as much as needed and you have underestimated the power of good digital marketing.

At least, we can help you do the checks – from competitors’ analysis, to what could be done better.

2. Anger

You don’t understand my business, you’re talking sh*t!

You might be right, but not entirely. A person who is not familiar with your business the way you are, can give you realistic observations and objective opinion. What is more, this way you can get the best UX and CX tests ever!

Once we get to start working together, then we become a team. This is when we actually get deep into your product, but be patient – in order to be done professionally, it takes more than 5 days.

3. Bargaining

What if we just do a Facebook page? I’ve heard I have to have one!

Frankly, many managers make the mistake to do something just for the sake of having it. Very often because they’ve heard something has to be done. But it doesn’t end there. If you have a Facebook page, you need to explore how it works for your business and we have met many people who are really smart, but have no idea how to do it. Why do you need to waste so much time to read and experiment, when we’re here and we can do it for you?

Having an experienced consultant besides you saves tons of time. And money.

4. Depression

It’s just a waste of money…

Of course, everyone gets to that thought eventually. However, no learning is a waste of money. And you will only learn if you plan how to spend them, what to do, how to track it and how to make the observations into lessons learned. This is how we work – we teach you alongside our learnings.

Online marketing operates in an extremely high-dynamic environment and things change every minute. This is why, while reading articles about digital activities helps to navigate in the right direction, experimentation helps to understand how it all works.
Don’t worry, you will learn a lot and will make everything better in time. If you have someone to navigate, it’s so much faster and cheaper!

5. Acceptance

Wow! It works!

Here is where the magic happens. When we work as one team and experiment together. When not only you learn from our team work, but we do too.

The greatest perk is that we work on many other projects, too. What does that mean? No, it doesn’t mean your secrets are in danger! It means that we learn 100 time faster; and we have 100 more ideas to deliver to your business, just because we work with many great professionals like you.

Write to us, let’s work together!