I bet you have a facebook page! You may also have a twitter account, because you’ve heard it is good to have one. You even post stuff there almost every day, but nothing happens (or your profile ends up with some likes and just few post interactions). Do you feel that it isn’t quite right?

There is a big chance you are doing it wrong. Don’t worry, you can fix that – just make sure you haven’t missed the following important insights on using social media! If you want to dig deeper, we can give you a hand, of course.

1. Facebook ≠ Twitter ≠ Instagram etc.

All of the social networks are different. Every one of them has its own purpose and it is very vague and irrelevant to create accounts everywhere, to connect them and just post the same content. The truth is that you do not need to be everywhere – just be where it will be useful for your type of business and your presence there will be valuable for your followers.

2. Make experiments all the time

It will take some time before you find the exact type of content your followers will love the most. Therefore, you need to make a strategy for at least 2-3 months with many variations of content and try them one by one. Before posting anything, make sure you will be able to track the result (use Facebook/Twitter insights, link trackers like bit.ly and analytics tools). Prepare a report and have a look at the bigger picture with your team what converts and what – does not.

3. Images rule, as well as fun

People are not there to read boring stuff. They love fun images and fun generally. Provoke them, make them laugh, make them want to repost immediately.

4. Join the conversation

Social networks are still a great place to get feedback about your product and to learn how people (re)act. If you are not there to discuss what you have shared with them, then there is no much point to post it at the first place. What that means is that after you share content, you can reply to responses, like people’s comments or even (re)share them. Have fun along with your followers!

5. Do your homework

Make a good research and do observations before entering a new place. Every social networks has its own specific small hacks and there are available for you to find them – you just need to make the first step. If you are not willing to experiment big time, read and observe other people’s posts and behavior and then join them.


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