There are two types of people: those who understand how important their marketing efforts are; and those who don’t. To be honest, I have been working with both. Sometimes, the second type start to see things clearer. Sometimes, they don’t.

If you’re not sure which type you are, here are several questions to help you decide whether to talk to us, or not:

I have tons of money. I don’t care how it’s being spent – just start some online marketing so we have traffic!

Good for you! You are able to invest a lot and experiment with your digital marketing efforts. In this case you can do tons of A/B testing, invest in very exciting creatives and be able to optimise. If you spend the tons you are talking about wisely, you will be able to create an amazing community. Only if your marketing team knows what they’re doing. Not sure they do? Let us check.

I have a budget for online marketing, but I am not sure how it should be spent. What to do?

In this case you need to make a detailed research before you start. Most probably you would have no more than 2-3 chaces to perform your miracles. There’s no drama! There’s a lot we can do here: the research will define your business goals and will define the people who will be most likely to adopt your digital thing at first. This way we will monetise the “traffic” quickly and will be able to re-invest. Still, you need to be ready for some experiments and to do things you didn’t consider as appropriate. Give us the opportunity to help you here.

I don’t have a big budget and I am afraid there’s almost nothing we can do. Can’t we do some social media, so we don’t pay anything?

Well… if you would like to have some results, you will need to invest some amounts in digital marketing. However, in this case you may need to lay on your marketing team’s creativity. There’s still a lot to be done with a small budget – inbound marketing, viral campaigns and even offline activities with smaller investments. If you’re not sure what we talk about, you can contact us and we’ll customise it for your goals.

Marketing is useless. I will just build an amazing app or website and people will come to it right away.

What world do you live in? No, seriously… If that actually happens, please, let us know.

Let's make a plan

Everhood is a digital agency created by two marketing professionals with many years of experience in web and mobile ad campaigns. We did a lot of PPC, media buying campaigns, social media, email marketing, CRM, content and all of the other elements of the marketing mix. Our experience also includes a lot of branding, creatives preparation, project development, ux design – that’s why we can help with all things digital. You may consider us as your partner in developing your online spaces in the long term, because we work with every client closely and personally.

We would love to hear from you. Write to us ;-)